MenuBar applet free applet)
Using this applet you can add to your page real menubar. Using applet’s parameters you can define menu elements, submenus, checkbox-like menu items and even shortcut keys for any menu element!

Drop Down Menu 4.0 by Schubert Cardozo
Drop Down Menu is a dynamic menu (unlike the simple pull down box) It now supports multiple menus in one page (since many people requested). It is very flexible too. You can add as many menus as you wish. Instructions are in the code.

ActiveX Popup Menu from Microsoft
This ActiveX script creates a pop-up cascading menu, including having graphics next to the menu items. This script is written in Visual Basic.

Selteco Menu Maker
Selteco Menu Maker enables people to design navigation bar dropdown menus for the web pages. Menus are Java Script and DHTML driven. Menu is exported as single Java Script file (.js) and can be included into any HTML code.

Ultimate Dropdown Menu v3.1.1 by Brothercake
Another nice pop up menu Bar.

DevTree is a feature rich XML driven JavaScript tree control modeled as an IE Behavior(Paid)

The ultimate Flyout Menus!
The Swiping Menu Builder is a great tool for easily building swiping flyout menus in Dreamweaver. Everything you need to get started building the menu systems is included.
Included with the kit…
Extra menu images including the ones used on the demo pages.
Completely illustrated tutorial guiding you through building your first menu.
Detailed user documentation in printable PDF format.
Extra tips to enhance the script and menus.
Newsgroup support forum.

Amazing Java script menu
A complete menu system with fully interactive functionality, separate messaging box, and programmable elements, including:
– link color and behavior
– link box motion indent
– link box border colors
– link box border styles
– link box border width
– individual link messages
– default link message
Designed as an alternative to costly Java applets that perform similar functions, the scripting uses no layers or divisions.

Java script EZmenu
fast and versatile dhtml menu system that is free for non-commercial use

Java script menu creating software
menu creating softwares like Rollover Javascript code generator with images effects and Javascript Pull-down menu Generator.

DHTML Menu Maker
A small, easy to use tool that allows you to create smooth DHTML menus without any coding. You can build your menu using a visual display and customize the appearance by selecting from several options. Once your project is complete, Menu Maker will generate all the .js files and .html menu page based on your structure. You can use the result either as a standalone either as a sitemap or to be inserted in your pages as navigation aid.

Java Menu Tree Applet v1.00

DHTML Drop Down Menu Bar (pop up menu)
The script works in Internet Explorer. You can create the menu with 4 levels of depth. In everyone the submenu can be up to 20 links. With the help of their “menu generator” you easily will create the menu for your site.

Scrolling Pulldown (IE4 Nav4 NS6) by: Ron Grafe
A pulldown list that scrolls!. To expand the pulldown place your mouse over “Dn”. To scroll the links down click and hold your mouse button down on “Dn”. To scroll the links up click and hold your mouse button down on “Up”. To jump to the top of the link list click on “T”. To close/collapse the pulldown click on “C”.

The Swiping Menu Builder
The Swiping Menu Builder is a great tool for easily building swiping flyout menus in Dreamweaver. Everything you need to get started building the menu systems is included.

In this example, we’ll look at using CSS to build a tabbed display. One where the user can click on individual tabs to view different content within the same space. It will require a few lines of JavaScript to dynamically update the individual tabs

Add Hotkeys To Your Page
Ever want to add hotkeys to your web site? While this may sound like a silly question at first, it can really increase the efficiency of your web site if you add hotkeys to popular pages.

Advanced Menu Bar
Advanced Menu Bar is a Java applet that allows you to make a professional menu for your site. Menus can pop up over HTML content, frames and even go over the browser window. The Advanced Menu Bar can even execute javascript functions.
Features: Unlimited Buttons and Sub Menu’s, Button and Menu data can be supplied either from html parameters or text file, Triple State Buttons, Configurable Mouse Over and Mouse Click effects, Full url support including window naming and frame targets – ideal for frames environments, Javascript support, Unlimited Icon images, and Adjustable Background Colors and Images. Extensive Documentation giving both a Quick Start section and an in depth explanation of every feature. Source Code also available.
Price: Free Trial/$19.95 – Version: 2.4 – Platform(s): Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT

Zmei Scrolling Menu Applet

Zmei Popup Menu Applet
Zmei Popup Menu is a dropdown popup menu applet that support up to 10 different navigation links. The width and height of the menu are customizble.

hierarchical browser-based Popup Menu with ASP
Generate a hierarchical browser-based Popup Menu with ASP. 100% DHTML, no plug-ins required. IE 4.x-5.x. NN 4.x-6.x. Down level compatibility mode. Includes Visual Editor utility.

Feature-rich Tree with Virtual Memory Mode
ActiveTreeView extends the common Microsoft® TreeView with a host of upgraded features, allowing the developer to display a pleasing, graphical tree, incorporating sound, colors, fonts and images. Our unique approach to providing a variety of methods for fetching and navigating data make Infragistics’ ActiveTreeView ideal for large and small databases.

Java script Cool Table Menu
Credit: Clarence Eldefors( w/ modifications from
Add flare to your menu with Clarence’s navigational script! Not only do participating menu items receive a “highlight” effect when the mouse moves over them, but also, a textual description of the containing link. Very cool, and degrades well with all browsers.

ASP components and server controls for website navigation

Menu tabset IE4+, NS6+ (Tab Menu)
This script renders a menu tab set, allowing you to intuitively switch between various pieces of content to view. Works in IE4+, NS6+, and Opera. An example can be found here.

TableMenu (RB23-1)
This applet is a dynamic Menu applet which has 30 features for allowing the user to customize its UI. It was developed using the JDK 1.1 API and comes complete with 3 Examples and a Read me Doc which explains each parameter.